“SHARE A COKE” Chris 2021

Chris Krueger, a husband, and father, battled cancer the majority of his adult life.  4 years into his marriage to his soulmate, and 2 years after having his daughter hadley, Chris was diagnosed with AML, which is a form of Leukemia.  This cancer was not typically found in men his age, rather it was found in much older men, which made it that much more shocking.  Chris was in the best shape of his life and was an avid cyclist, doing racing with the best of them, including Lance Armstrong.  With this diagnosis of an aggressive cancer, Chris and his family packed up their lives, and went to MD Anderson.  Once there, things were looking up and after the first round of treatment Chris went into remission. The second round was a different story and their were complications, which killed off more bone marrow than was needed.  This instantly set the stage for a transplant. Chris went through the transplant only to have his body reject it, a process called “graft vs. host disease”. They took steps to stop the rejection, which in the end, it took a toll on Chris’s body, wearing out his hips and shoulder joints, which put him in a wheel chair for two years, until his hip joints could be replaced. His cancer went into remission, but his life was forever changed by cancer. As Chris went on to live life the best way he knew how, Hadley grew up and was becoming more and more like her dad everyday. Then in May of 2016, when Hadley was 14 years old, Chris was again experiencing symptoms similar to his past experience with Leukemia. He went in and was told that his Leukemia had returned. Chris had made it 12 years and his chances of having it rear its ugly head again was a 9% chance!! Chris, Cathy, Hadley, and their newest fur baby addition “Jagger” packed up and headed back to MD Anderson. They were again, introduced to a clinical trial. Immediately, Chris was rebounding and doing well.  However, Shortly after that Chris started quickly deteriorating and was put on a ventilator and dialysis.  On July 26th, 2016 Chris passed away peacefully with his wife and daughter by his side.

Help us Celebrate Chris and his amazing life, along with his family and friends on August 7th, 2021 as we “Share a Coke with Chris”  at Paisley Park along the Sioux Falls Trail system.