Our Share a Coke stop started in 2018 when we honored a mother of 3, Shannon Peck who passed from Lung cancer after never smoking a day in her life. Last year we celebrated Brian Evers who passed from a second time of fighting colon cancer.  This year we honor Deserae Honkamp of Sioux Falls.

Deserae Honkamp is a single mother to 2 young boys. A few months after Deserae gave birth to her youngest son she was having concerns about a painful lump under her left arm near her breast. She said it had been there a while and was concerned it was Breast Cancer. She said she had done more research and started thinking it was just a clogged duct. After speaking with her doctor at her well baby check up they sent her to have a mammogram done, then an ultrasound and ultimately a biopsy that lead to her diagnosis of Melanoma. Deserae fought through chemo and radiation, and was one of our 2017 $1,000 recipients. Her battle continued and due to circumstances out of her control, the cancer progressed and took her life in February of 2020. We wanted to honor Deserae to help her kids, family and friends heal. We look forward to bringing her personality to our ride, so you too can know the kind of person she was, and what she meant to people who knew her.

Help us Celebrate Deserae and her awesome personality, along with her family on August 8th, 2020 at our “Share a Coke with Deserae” Stop.