Emily Connolly

Founder of Pedal FARR, Falls Area River Ride

My first organized ride was the MS 150 in 2008. 75 miles to Vermillion and back and I was HOOKED! From there I progressed to RAGBRAI, where I eventually joined TEAM LiveStrong riding across IOWA from 2014-2017. My bike, I fondly call RED, a Gary Fischer Trek Carbon road bike, got me through all those years of riding in the heat, rain, thunder, and lightning. In 2015 I became a LIVESTRONG Leader and began biking for people who couldn’t, I raised money to help them, and took time to listen to their personal stories. I realized quickly I wanted to do more on a personal level in our local community. So in the spring of 2016 we created “Tour de Brew Sioux Falls”, which in 2018 evolved into what we know now know as Pedal FARR, Falls Area River Ride.

Gene Noble

Co-Founder of Pedal FARR, Falls Area River Ride

I have been riding bicycles for over 30 years, I’ve ridden in numerous benefit rides the most recently being with Team Livestrong Across Iowa. This summer I will be completing my 8th year doing RAGBRAI with the team.

Some of the reasons I like biking is that it allows me to keep fit while being outdoors where I can enjoy fresh air and sunshine, beautiful scenery, being with good friends and riding to fun destinations. I have several bikes including a Tomassini Tecno which is a classic steel frame road bike with lots of chrome. I also own a carbon cyclocross bike and a single speed bike that I built out of my old Trek 660 racer from years ago. It is what I ride in RAGBRAI and for fun group rides around town.

I am invested in the fight against cancer after my wife, Carolyn, fought colon Cancer for 2 ½ years before passing away in 2015. I joined Emily with Pedal FARR to continue to help families locally going through a cancer diagnosis.

Nicole Boone

Logistics Lead for Pedal FARR, Falls Area River Ride

I bring to the team an energy towards biking that was instilled in me by my fiancé Greg Wickre. We owned, and operated Harlan’s Bike and Tour together until he passed away in February of 2018.  His love of biking and the community that encompassed it I soon fell in love with!

When I am out riding, I love to ride my Cannondale Synapsis! I added 35MM tires to it so I can take it both on the road, and gravel.  It gives me the versatility I love, and allows me to  participate in different kinds of rides.  A couple of my favorites are the Ladies ONLY Pigtail ride in Ankeny, Ia, and the Mankato River Rambler in Mn.  Both of them we take a crew of women to, and make it a girl’s weekend.

I keep active in the cycling community, and if you participate in FAB, F.A.S.T. or the Thursday night ladies rides, you might just see me!  I am always willing to lend a helping hand, so if you have questions or concerns about biking, I would love to answer them.

Carey Haugen

Marketing Lead for Pedal FARR, Falls Area River Ride

From the coordinator of the Thursday ladies night rides, to the Development Director for Falls Area River Ride, to the lead for the Wandering Wednesday Ride. I love to empower women through cycling. I love being with others that enjoy biking, and I truly enjoy being out discovery new places to ride. There is so much out there to explore. When I decide on a ride I switch between riding my Specialized Rock Hopper, which is used for more of the gravel rides, to my Bianchi, which is ideal for a road ride.

I joined Pedal FARR because I see what a positive impact this ride has had on so many families. It gives hope to those struggling financially, by giving them a little bit of help. I have personally seen how cancer can affect an individual and I look forward to making an impact on that locally.