Matt Beck

Matt is a young father of Adelyn, and husband to Laramie. They had been married for 4 years when Matt started experience pain in his hip. After seeing a chiropractor and seeing no relief he was sent on to a physical therapist, but the pain kept getting worse. After getting an X-ray taken, Matt was diagnosed with a broken hip. When they admitted him to the hospital they did further testing where they found out his hip bone was not broken, but that something was eating at it. He was eventually sent to Minneapolis where he underwent chemo as there was cancer found in his femur bone. When he finally able to go home he had to be admitted into a assisted living facility so that he could have the attention from a nursing staff because he could not put weight on his leg. Since being a recipient of the 1000.00 from Pedal FARR, he has had his leg completely amputated up to his ribs. This has been a huge life change for Matt and he is learning a new way to live. He is currently working towards riding in Pedal FARR 2020 with use of a hand bike. He is taking this challenge and making the most of it by connecting with other handicapped bikers.

We are going to be continually connecting with Matt to see how we can help in his journey to experiencing the lift that being on a bike offers! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see how you can help Pedal FARR help Matt.





Brian Evers

Brian Evers was nominated by Tanya Matzen as Brian was in his second round with Colon Cancer. The doctors say that after 5 years of check ups you should not have to worry about the cancer returning and Brian was looking forward to a clear check up. However, at 4 ½ years Brian was diagnosed with his second round of Colon Cancer. Brian, who was newly married took this as huge set back to him and his new wife Tina. When found, the Tumor had grown so large that it fractured his spine. Brian took chemo and radiation to shrink his tumor, but in the end it was not enough. During the whole process Brian stayed upbeat and vowed to make each treatment fun! To each round he would wear his Hawaiian shirt to help keep his attitude upbeat and show cancer it was not going to win. In 2018 Brian and his friends participated by all wearing Hawaiian shirts and riding from stop to stop. Brian drove to meet them, as he was too weak to ride.   When Pedal FARR contacted Brian to tell him that he had been nominated, and selected to receive the 1,000 check, he was in hospice. We spoke briefly and he talked about being at Pedal FARR and how awesome the ride is. Since that phone call, Brian has passed away. This year we will be honoring Brian at the “Share a Coke” stop. So please register, and ride in your Hawaiian shirts to honor him and his family! Make sure to stop to meet his family and hear his story!


Andy Diede

Andy, a father, husband, and son, is from the small South Dakota community of Scotland.  When Pedal FARR learned about Andy he had been battling Lung Cancer hard for a year. He had been traveling to Mayo for cancer treatments ranging from chemo to pills. Being from a small community our crew felt brought on additional challenges and we felt they could use the funds. The Diede’s are known in Scotland  as one of the most kind, loving, and friendly families there are. They were always positive, and deserved a helping hand to alleviate some of the challenges of cancer is what Wyatt Brown told us about them. Our crew just recently got an update on Andy and his scans continue to come back clean, but he is still traveling back and forth from Mayo to keep up with his treatment.  We look forward to hearing continued great news!

I Know Jack Foundation


The Jack Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 which is a non-profit inspired by our son Jack Hoeger.  At age 5 Jack was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.  There was no protocol for treating his cancer and also no survivors of this type of cancer. It was not easy, but Jack fought the cancer and beat it! It was hard on the Hoeger family and they had to rely on alot of people which was not easy.  Now that Jack is 18 and in remission they still believe in continuing the fight against cancer.  Jack has a saying.  “If you don’t fight cancer, you don’t know Jack,”  I KNOW JACK!!!  If you meet him he wants to see your fighting muscles, because the fight against cancer is not easy.  Jack has put together a backpack of things he believes people that get diagnosed with cancer need.  Through your participation and support to our event we were able to bring 10 of his Backpacks to our local community.  10 families diagnosed with cancer at the Avera and Sanford Hospitals were given this pack with a “Jack” explanation of each item he put in the bag. We look forward to continue to bring Jack to our community!


At LIVESTRONG, we fight for the more than 32.6 million people around the world affected by cancer now. There can be—and should be—life after cancer for more people. We provide direct services to anyone affected by cancer; connect people and communities with the services they need; and call for state, national and world leaders to help fight this disease. This is LIVESTRONG.

Helping cancer survivors and their loved ones has been our goal from day one. We believe in putting the survivor first, and that is why we created tools and resources to help ease the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

Patient-centered care means treating the whole person- emotionally, physically and practically. A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming between deciding on treatment, figuring out finances, and dealing with fear and emotional concerns. That’s why we’re here: to make sure people and families get the person-centered care they need, at the time when they need it.