Welcome to Pedal FARR, the Falls Area River Ride.  We are currently in our 4th year and gearing up for an event that is bigger and better than the year before. 

We are a bike ride that tours the trails of Sioux Falls and has stops at 8 different Bars and Breweries.  We were created solely to help local families battling cancer and local organizations that impact our community in a positive way.

Along this ride, you will see food trucks, bands, and a water stop with snacks to keep you going!  Additionally, we have another park stop called “Share a Coke with Brian.” 

At this stop, you will be able to hear the story of Brian Ever’s battle with cancer, meet his family, and share a coke, along with enjoying some SDSU Ice Cream from their truck. 

This ride Starts at Remedy and ends at Remedy with a band.  Check out our “Hydration Stations” page to see where this ride will be taking you this year. 

With your registration, you will receive a t-shirt and raffle tickets that you put in the boxes at each location to have a chance at winning some AWESOME swag. You also receive a yellow wristband which could possibly be a winning wristband for some cool swag!  The only way you will have a chance of winning anything is if you are registered!  You can get registered by checking out our page on here called “Registration.”